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I live with my retired architect husband in a box canyon surrounded by sandstone cliffs in Del Mar, CA. I find myself influenced by the color and beauty of these cliffs, including the shadows of the trees as they fall upon the sandstone and the little stones that sit like a string of pearls between thousands of years of sand pouring upon itself and creating a strata.

Several years ago I put away my wheel and began hand building. Over the years I have noticed that I seem to lean toward a two-dimensional shape, which lends itself perfectly as a canvas.

My work has become more painterly. I now work in the cone six range where the colors are more vibrant. I have gathered some of the glazes from different sources but have also developed my own glazes. I love the process of decorating the vessel in a spontaneous and exhilarating way. Layering a glaze next to, under, or over another glaze can greatly change the colors and shapes. I have discovered that it's not the first mark one makes, but the second that can change the whole dimensions of the design.
View my portfolio to see samples of my work.